Monday, June 2, 2008

WEEK 6: Transportation

As I groggily take the train to and from work every morning, I've noticed a new ad campaign that's being pushed heavily by SEPTA. They've embraced the green trend, trying to let the commuter know that public transportation is the best alternative to helping reduce your carbon footprint. Another reminder will greet you as you step off the train. Faux-grass posters have been placed over the escalators that lead to Market East Station. But as my tired eyes fix on those ads on the train, knowing how great it is that they're making this push, the only thought that goes through my mind is this: Isn't that printed on non-recycled glossy paper?

This week, we're going to tackle transportation. One of the main goals for our production is to supply the most fuel efficient cars for the film as we can, be from a high mileage rate or through alternative fuels. We'll discuss the many forms of transportation, some of them obvious, some not so much. We'll take a look at Philly Car Share and let you know if they have some alternatives that are right for you. Also, we'll finally see some biodiesel in action!

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