Friday, May 1, 2009


If I could create the blog equivalent of head-banging to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, then that's what you'd be experiencing right now. On Monday, we found out that FUTURE WEATHER was chosen as one of ten semi-finalists for the Netflix Find Your Voice competition. The ten projects were officially announced today. Read it and weep, suckaaazz!!!

I forgot I'd even entered last February when I got an email from competition co-hosts, Film Independent, saying that they wanted to arrange a call with our production team. That was last week. Not a lot of sleeping went on after that for Kristin and me. Because we knew that if we got it, we'd have to drop everything to create the 2-3 minute short Netflix wants posted on their website by June 5 for public voting.

As if we weren't already in overdrive with our new online store, a fundraiser, an Earth Day bazaar, IgnitePhilly, and two grant applications. Not to mention arranging babysitters, selling a house and producing a flash mini-site for Drew Magazine.

The first phone call was surreal - having people show genuine interest in something that is so close to your heart, that you've been protecting and fighting for to the distraction of everything else is like stepping into an alternate reality. The one you've been dreaming of.

The second phone call came, and before I could really process the news, we went into immediate strategy mode. Difficult decisions had to be made. Troops to be rallied. And after careful consideration, we decided to shoot new material for the short. (More on that to come.)

Now that the official word is in, and the boat is leaving the shore, I'm beginning to feel the gorgeous breeze of the creative opportunity at hand. What a blessing. Even if we don't win, I feel very lucky that I've got one month to focus on the art part of filmmaking, which is exactly why I started this journey in the first place. Thank you to everyone who's helped sustain this dream for the last three years! Here we go!!!

Earth Day at UrbanOutfitters

UrbanOutfitter employees have it good. On Earth Day, they hosted a Green Bazaar at their gorgeous Navy Yard headquarters, and we were invited to set up shop. Quirky green vendors (organic nail salon?) and eco-chic abounded, but I was most impressed by the sustainable carry-out options that Urban's two well-trafficked cafes had on hand - for a price, of course (this is retail). The most practical items were reusable ceramic coffee mugs that look like paper cups, steel water bottles and celadon plastic take-out containers. I couldn't resist getting one to tote my golden beet and yellow asparagus salad in.

Sewing More Tote-Bags!

The Future Weather store is getting low on bag inventory, so it's time to make more!

There were a ton of fun tees at the thrift store; look out for our tie-dye series and beachy primary-colored stripes.

Snips and thread-ends; we used lots of neon colors, and I actually tried my hand at sewing this time!

Big Green Earth Store Helps Cut Down on Plastic

Psyched. I finally have a minute to do some blog catch-up.

This pic is from a recent trip to the Big Green Earth Store on Market and 2nd in Old City.

Reasons to go:

- they collect plastic bottle caps for recycling

- you can refill any container you wish with orange-scented household soaps from King of Prussia-based Sun & Earth. That means no more detergent bottles!