Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food for Thought: READER CONTEST!

Food is one of the most critical elements to a positive production experience. Working 12-14 hour days, people need both substance and food that makes them happy. A film set even provides what's called a craft services table that offers snacks all day long - a little something to tide you over until the shot is finished so you can leave set and go eat! (did you hear the urgency in my voice??)

Starting June 9, we’ll be turning our attention to food. It's something everyone can relate to. It’s also a hot eco-topic - and there’s plenty to cover from the current world food crisis to the problem with bottled water. We're eating all this up, but eventually we’ll have to turn our attention to how we can use our knowledge to create a more sustainable film production.

Foodie, junk foodie, vegan, omnivore, or picky eater - we have a challenge for you!

How can we get sustainably produced, minimally packaged, healthy food to feed a crew of 35 on a shoestring budget? in either suburban Philly/NJ or extremely rural York County, PA? for both crew meals and our craft services table? What do you think are the most important factors for putting together a sustainable meal? Local sources? Organic production? The energy used to store and cook the food? Something to keep in mind is that a film crew is like a band of gypsies. We set up temporary camp with uncertain access to things like kitchens or even electricity from the grid!

We're looking for creativity and innovation, not necessarily plausibility. We're in the invention stage afterall. Email your answers to us at food@futureweathermovie.com. You'll get extra points for a video. Deadline is Friday, June 13. We'll publish the best ideas during our Food Week: June 16-20 and the winner will receive a special surprise.

And to get you in the mood to play with food, a Sesame Street favorite...

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