Thursday, June 5, 2008

Planet Green Network Launched

It's about time! Discovery Channel just launched the first all-access, totally green network. Planet Green will be a 24/7 guide on how to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Hmm… boring and sometimes depressing shows about the current climate crisis? Think again. This is Emerald City, baby.

One of the most anticipated shows will have a familiar face to anyone who watches HBO. Adrian Grenier, of HBO's Entourage, will host Alter Eco, a green makeover show. Think Tye Pennington, but without the giant bus and a lot more recycling. First up, the Tokio Lounge in LA is getting a completely new, sustainable look and will reopen with the new name Eco.

The other uber-famous environmentalist you might recognize is Leonardo DiCaprio, credited as a producer on the show Greensburg. About a year ago, the town of Greensburg, Kansas was completely leveled due to a devastating F-5 tornado that ripped through. Now, as the town tries to piece itself back together, they've decided to make the town as eco-friendly as possible. This show will document their efforts.

Ed Begley, Jr. will be the focus on Living with Ed, a reality show that follows him and his wife around their daily lives. Hard-core environmentalist Ed and his (less hard-core) wife, Rachelle, share how they live an eco-friendly lifestyle - the good, the difficult, and the humorous.

Whether its reality TV, cooking, fashion, home makeover, or car shows, it looks like Planet Green is eking out a little eco for everyone.

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