Monday, June 30, 2008

WEEK 10: Waste Management, Plastic Edition

I went to Target this weekend to pick up some necessities. Not paying attention, I was handed two items in separate plastic bags, each double-stuffed. I had to laugh to myself as I took the products out to carry. Not only were the bags so ridiculously thick that they probably had the consistency of four or five bags, but in front of me was a display touting t-shirts that said "Go Green." It's a shame I was probably the only one who noticed the irony.

As promised, we're going to focus on plastic for this lovely Fourth of July week. In May, we did a piece on how to recycle plastic, but since it's one of the most problematic materials to deal with at both ends of its life cycle - production and disposal - we're going to spend most of our energy this week suggesting ways to boycott it altogether. I'm going to start out with a piece on the ins and outs of plastic alternatives. Wednesday, Karyn will follow up on some locations where you can purchase those alternatives. Thursday, we'll have something fun to set the Fourth of July weekend off right. Just in time to say no to a plastic fork in your apple pie.

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