Friday, June 20, 2008

Emeril's Gone Green

A couple of weeks ago we announced the launch of Discovery Channel’s newest network, Planet Green. With it being food week for us, it seemed only appropriate to showcase celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse's newest show on the network, Emeril Green.

According to the celebrity chef, the best meals are always made with the freshest ingredients. That is why Emeril will show viewers how to cook healthy, delicious meals using only organic and in-season foods. The show is shot on location in Whole Foods Market, and Emeril, along with the help of the Whole Foods team, cover such questions as which foods increase the taste of meals and at what cost.

To watch Emeril's newest show on Planet Green, go to the website to check for local listings. And if you have managed to read this little blurb without yelling a gratuitous "BAM!", then I am impressed!

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