Thursday, May 15, 2008

Support PA's Clean Energy Iniatives

From David Masur, Director of PennEnvironment:

After years of calls for a new energy future in Pennsylvania, we could finally see state lawmakers deliver far-reaching and historic clean energy solutions in the next two months-solutions that will make real cuts in global warming pollution and save us money on our electric bills.

Your efforts have helped us get this far, but victory is far from certain. So in the coming weeks I'll be asking you to help us push these initiatives across the finish line.

Take action today by asking your state senator, Sen. Williams, to pass these critical energy initiatives:

Two critical bills being debated in Harrisburg (House Bill 2200 and Special Session House Bill 1) would make big cuts in energy use and provide critical support for clean energy like wind and solar power. Both of these bills have already passed the state House, but now we need your help to push them through the Senate before the legislative recess in early July.

Take action and email Sen. Williams today by clicking on the link below:


David Masur
PennEnvironment Director

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