Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Is your office a sea of non-recycled paper floating little styrofoam coffee boats? Here's some green relief.

Flock Browser: Eco-Edition

While I’m a Firefox guy, Jenny has been raving about this free internet browser from Yahoo that not only gives you super-browser powers (tagging, clipboards, blog uploaders and instant access to all of your virtual haunts at once), but more importantly, up-to-the-minute eco-news and media feeds.

Credo Mobile

Spend most of your time traveling and speaking with clients on your cell phone? Try out Credo Mobile, a division of the socially conscious phone company Working Assets. 1% of all their profit goes directly to "progressive" non-profits. Their plans are pretty comparable to other providers, but they do run off the Sprint network, which I know is problematic for some. While the phone selection is limited, it does include PVC-free options and solar-powered chargers. Learn about it where I did: National Geographics Green Guide.

Wild 'N Out!

The New York Zoos "Build Your Wild Self" website is a great place to get in touch with your inner animal, make wild desktop wallpaper, and drown out the sound of the copy machine with rad animal sound effects. Rarr.

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