Friday, May 2, 2008


And now, some quirky recycling news to speed up the drag of a hum-drum Friday.

ReGeneration Redux
An interesting article that expands on the ReGeneration Campaign I mentioned yesterday. Skip towards the middle. Thoughtful, honest opinion from a competition juror about the majority of submissions.

Dell Goes Bamboo
And the Dell theme continues! Check out this bamboo desktop computer the company is bringing to the office zoo.

Dean Kamen's Water Machine
From the man who brought you the Segway! This is a clip from The Colbert Report where Dean Kamen shows off his machine that can recycle and purify water from ANYTHING!!! (We're talking Doritos. Crystal clear.)

Brewing The Environment!
Another use for beer bottles besides goggles! This site recommends saving those bottles and making your own brew. If that's not your cup of tea, how about donating them to a solar-powered brewery(!)?

Billions Served...My Cup Runneth Over!
"Well slap my lowfat-decaf-soy-chai-latte drinkin’ self if I add to that!"
(We'll be quoting from this enlightening blog later in our Recycling FAQs, but the whole piece is worth reading.)

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