Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crazy but True Power Alternatives

While we’ve covered some of the more mainstream power alternatives out there, that doesn’t mean that we’ve covered them all. Here are some links to other ideas that haven’t really gained traction yet, but may one day!

Leviathan Power

Who said that using the bathroom was a “waste” of time? Feel guilty for just sitting and reading? Leviathan Power wants to change that. They’ve found a way to place hydroelectric turbines in the sewer systems. So go ahead, give it that second flush!


Ignore the fact that the post date is April Fool's Day, because this is no laughing matter. Some scientists have found a way to make living scum into an alternative power source. Where can you find the scum? Texas. Apparently, 50% of algae’s weight is made up of oil, and Valcent, based in El Paso, has developed a space-saving system to grow it vertically! Leave it to those Texans to find a new way to “drill” for that commodity!

Landfill Gas

No need to feel guilty about throwing out your banana peels and chicken bones. Apparently, landfill gas is a viable power source when combined with other natural gases. Even better, the process burns a significant amount of methane (a greenhouse gas with 23 times the negative impact as CO2) to create that energy.

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