Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Junk-Free in 3 Easy Steps

There are ways to stop paper mail madness. We can definitely vouch for these three options.

1) Catalog Choice

Tired of a mailbox full of vapid catalogs? Catalog Choice allows you to select which ones you want to stop. It's far more effective if you have the customer number from the back of the catalog.

2) Opt-Out Prescreen

A few simple clicks and and you'll stop receiving all those annoying requests for credit cards. Electronically, you can do a five year opt-out; by mail, you can permanently opt-out. Either way, you're saving a lot of trees.

3) Contact Your Credit Cards Directly

Simply tell them you only want info about your account and are not interested in receiving
any other promotions (balance transfer checks, insurance, etc.). They will take you off the list.

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