Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paper Tales

My brand new Canon MF4270 laser printer all-in-one.

Between grant proposals, budgets and scripts, we print a lot here at Future Weather Productions. My search for a "green" copy shop in Philly - one that would use 100% PCR paper - proved fruitless. Plus I was tired of paying $8 every time I needed to print my script. So I did a little research on CNET and PCMag and found the Canon ImageClass. It only prints in black & white, but for the script-and-schedule-centric production office, that's just fine. My favorite qualities:
  • It has a built-in duplexer! (that means it prints double-sided and cuts your paper use in half)
  • It has a copier, scanner, and fax.
  • It's got the energy star, so it goes to sleep when not in use.
  • It's small and light, so it can fit in my Ikea shelves. And we can take it on the road when it's time for production.
  • It's cut my costs down to $1.60 per script ($.02/pg ink cost and just about $.01/pg paper cost)
  • It has a built-in networker, so all the 'puters in the office can print wirelessly.
  • All for $250 (with rebate) from Staples.
I must note, however, that it is not completely Mac-compatible. You have to download the printer driver for Macs from the Canon website. And it will only scan to PCs. I'm also not sure yet if Macs can connect wirelessly. Our wireless router is on another level, so we've been using the USB port.

I also finally found a 100% PCR academic calendar from the mom & daughter company Mixed Role Productions in Eugene, Oregon. So now we be jammin on 100% PCR paper 24/7, baby. Up in the home office, yo.

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