Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DeSmogBlog, Clearing the PR Pollution

In an ever-growing world of media conglomeration, it’s reassuring to see vigilant media watchdogs like DeSmogBlog keeping the public alert and informed.

Led by Jim Hoggan, president of the Vancouver-based P.R. firm James Hoggan & Associates, DeSmogBlog boasts a world-class team of journalists, scientists and environmental writers. With a mission to “slam the climate skeptic scam,” DeSmogBlog scrutinizes the methods in which PR firms can mislead the public about the hard facts of global warming.

Earlier in the month, DeSmogBlog chastised Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens’ July 1st article “Global Warming as Mass Neurosis.” In it, Stephens likens the current scientific consensus about climate change to an epidemic and refers to believing it as “sick-souled religion.” Instead of simply scorning the article for its ill-conceived and under-researched claims, the folks at DeSmogBlog performed the homework Stephens originally should have.

With an extensive research database and media center, DeSmogBlog'll be going on our list of climate science resources.

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