Tuesday, July 1, 2008

EnviroWoman and No Impact Man

Help! Our oceans are filled with plastic! Our landfills are overflowing with petrochemical garbage! Looks like a job for EnviroWoman and No Impact Man. No, they're not superheroes, but they're here, with help from folks like Beth Terry to teach us that a life with FAR less plastic is possible. If you thought remembering to bring your reusable bag to the grocery store, or swearing off bottled water was life-changing, check out just how much they've been able to rid their life of plastic.

For those not quite ready to give up chips, crackers and cereal (all in plastic bags), cheese (wrapped in plastic), and all frozen food (either in plastic bags or in cardboard lined with plastic) or to start making your own mouthwash (to avoid that plastic bottle), here are some easy plastic alternatives to start you on a more plastic-free path:
  • GreenLine Paper Company is an excellent local Pennsylvania resource for biodegradeable containers/plates/cutlery.
  • Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles (sold locally in Philly at Mugshots Coffeehouse)
  • To-Go Ware "action packs" (stainless steel lunch carriers with bamboo utensils)
  • ReusableBags.com can help you ditch those plastic grocery bags, and carries many bags/utensils/bottles.
  • Greenfeet sells soy wax paper as an alternative to plastic wrap, and they even have freezer-safe glass containers to ween you off of all that Tupperware!
  • If You Care 100% recycled aluminum foil is available at Whole Foods.
  • BioBag biodegradable trash/pet waste/lawn bags at www.ecoproducts.com

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Jesse H said...

I'm doing pretty good on most of those things, I use my Envirosax Mikado bags faithfully at the grocery store, and just bought myself a new pretty stainless bottle, albeit not a Klean Kanteen, but I did look at those... wanted a design on mine so here's a photo of the one I got:

And now I don't need to buy or waste those annoying plastic bottles anymore. I try to use flatware and dinnerware from my cupboard and avoid disposable whenever possible, just lots more dishes to wash, but that's ok cause I'm helping save the world!!