Friday, March 8, 2013

Future Weather in Seattle!

Future Weather at SIFF Cinema Uptown

Monday, March 11 
Tickets: Free!

Presented by REALscience, the Seattle-based online science news portal.

This special screening will be preceded by a discussion on global climate change, led by Dr. Jérôme Patoux, professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is the author of Science of Weather, a middle and high school weather and climate science curriculum supported by National Science Foundation. Dr. Patoux's research is funded by the National Science Foundation, NASA and other leading national research organizations.

REALscience is a science news and information site that covers research developments, breakthroughs, discoveries and scientific set-backs. REALscience has no sacred cows though it is unabashedly pro-science. It inspires the search for meaning in the world, exploration of our natural world and encourages building cross-disciplinary coalitions to solve big problems.

Science-on-Screen is an initiative of The Coolidge Corner Theatre with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Toronto Premiere: Carlton Cinema March 1-7!

Future Weather will have its Canadian premiere:

March 1-7

March 3, 7pm: Post-Show Q&A with Planet in Focus Film Festival

Kathleen Mullen, Artistic Director of Planet in Focus Film Festival, will be available after the show to discuss the environmental themes of Future Weather, why it was selected for the 2012 Planet in Focus Film Fest, and the importance of environmental films today.

For three years Kathleen has overseen the artistic direction and programming department year-round at Planet in Focus. Beginning her career in 1994 in Vancouver as a programmer Kathleen Mullen has curated and programmed for festivals internationally including the Toronto International Film Festival where she programmed Short Cuts Canada for two years, Vancouver International Film Festival, gay and lesbian shorts programmer and programming consultant for three years and Provincetown International Film Festival, shorts programmer for six years.

Kathleen has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Women’s Studies from the University of Alberta, Masters of Arts in Anthropology/ Sociology from Carleton University and most recently a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from York University. She has directed several short films including you wash my skin with sunshine, Sleep Lines and Still Life with Butterfly. Her latest documentary film is Breathtaking, a personal investigation into the present-day use of asbestos. Breathtaking was awarded the Best of the Festival at CLIFF, Canadian Labour International Film Festival in 2011.

For five years Kathleen was on the board of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre and for the past six years has been on the board of Images Festival of Independent Film & Video. Kathleen is a keen advocate of independent film and video-making and diverse discourses of local, national and international cinema.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New York Premiere: Post-Screening Guests & Conversation

Future Weather premieres in New York:
March 1 – 7 @ reRun Gastropub Theater

Post-Screening Conversations
Enjoy nightly discussions with experts exploring some of the film's key themes: science, youth empowerment, climate action and independent filmmaking

Fri 3/1: Case Study: Setting Up Your Film’s Support System

Moderated by Caitlin Hughes, writer for Film School Rejects
Guests: Gretchen McGowan (IFP Labs, Goldcrest), Mystelle Brabee (Nantucket Film Festival), Doron Weber (Sloan Foundation Film Grants), Jenny Deller, Kristin Fairweather

Sat 3/2: Spotlight On Cinematography and Production Design

Moderated by Rose Vincelli Gustine, Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)
Guests: Zak Mulligan, Cinematographer. Gino Fortebuono, Production Designer. Jenny Deller, Director.

Sun 3/3: Spotlight On Creating a Soundtrack

Guests: Erik Friedlander, Composer. Jackie Mulhearn, Music Supervisor. Jenny Deller, Director.

Mon 3/4: So the Climate’s in Crisis. You Care. Now What?

Guests: Laurel Whitney (Pace University Environmental Studies Program NYC), Dan Miner (Sierra Club NYC), Cassie Flynn (IOBY), Jenny Deller, Director.

Tue 3/5: Bringing Science to the People!

Guests: Flora Lichtman (NPR's Science Friday), Liz Slagus (New York Hall of Science), Molly Webster (WNYC’s"Radiolab"), Jenny Deller, Director

Wed 3/6: Melissa Silverstein on Barriers and Opportunities for Women in Independent Film

Hosted by New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT)
Guests: Melissa Silverstein (Indiewire’s Women and Hollywood & Athena Film Festival), Jenny Deller, Director

Thurs 3/7: Spotlight On: Celebrating NYC's Vibrant Science Community

Guests: Jeanne Garbarino (Director of Science Outreach, Rockefeller University, SciStarter), John Timmer (Science Editor, Ars Technica, SciStarter). Jenny Deller, Director.