Monday, July 26, 2010

A word about our green production office

our good friend Carl at the Recycling Center in Pottstown

So, it turns out I don't know nearly as much about recycling as I thought.

At our inaugural new-office meeting, Jenny and Kristin went over our mission "to reduce our carbon footprint on an indie filmmaker's budget" and how it applies to our new space. We're enacting all sorts of new plans to keep our film green-friendly. Keep in mind, this is only the "office plan," our "locations plan" is still in the works for next week.

We've organized our recycling to collect every single plastic category there is, and even if Philly won't pick most of them up, we know where to bring the rest. We've got reusable cloth bags for when we need to buy something (at the local mom 'n' pop store, of course) and a bunch of friends for when we can just borrow instead. We're pulling all plugs before we leave at night (to save ourselves from vampires!) and we bring our own reusable take-out containers when we buy lunch. We even have a communal bike for running local errands - isn't that something?

We are doing our best to stay green - conserving our energy usage, recycling and reusing as much as possible, and choosing local businesses over large corporations - but in the end, we are an independent film, and we have a tight budget. So for those times when Whole Foods gets a little too expensive to feed an indie film crew, don't get too upset, we're doing the best we can!

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claura said...

These are pretty darn amazing. And now they are spread all over the country through your blog, Rae. It's a great idea to do these green production. Thanks for taking the time to post all these pictures!