Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And it begins! Life on the Future Weather set

Day 1

There's something funny about a guy in a John Deere hat and an undershirt talking into one of those fancy secret service earbuds. Walkie-talkies are everywhere, funky lingo's coming out of everyone's mouth, and there's an empty trailer in the middle of nowhere that couldn't be more alive. The excitement of making this film is finally realized. It's day 1 on the Future Weather set and production is in full swing. Who would've thought that 50 people running around wearing cargo pants and bug spray could be so professional? The first day went off without a hitch; things are looking great.

Day 2

Running errands this morning, I didn't get much chance to spend on-set until the afternoon. Turns out, they work okay without me (shh, don't tell my boss); but seriously, this crew is operating like a well-redbulled machine. Of course, we'd all be a bunch of zombies in this heat if it weren't for the incredible help of Cosmic Catering, Betty's Speakeasy, and some black magic. And, as always, our green efforts are rolling every time the camera does. While helping us reduce our impact on location, Golden Valley Farms is also keeping us energized, Klean Kanteens are keeping us hydrated, and the Philly Compost bin is on-set and...well, composting (but more on that later). Anyway, time to go, I need to get more ice.

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Deb Leonard said...

Well welcome to Roslyn, Pa. Thanks for keeping all things green; you will be leaving it better than it was before you came!! It's not everyday a major film is made here, yet there hasn't been much conversation about your existance, I guess you like it that way.

Can't wait to see the film; mind if we peek at what you are all doing when we go by?