Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rally for the Delaware River Basin Watershed!

Act Now! TOMORROW, Wednesday July 14th, a public meeting will be held by the Delaware River Basin Commission at the West Trenton Volunteer Company, located at 40 West Upper Ferry Road.

On June 14, 2010 the Delaware River Basin Commission(DRBC) expanded its original Executive Director Determination(EDD) that was issued on May 19, 2009 regarding the review of natural gas extraction and development in the Delaware River Watershed to cover "exploratory" natural gas wells in addition to production wells.

Just one month after the EDD was issued, activists will gather TOMORROW to tell the DRBC that they need to include ALL NATURAL GAS PROJECTS in the Delaware River Watershed study, thereby putting in place a moratorium while they address this.

Join the cause and team up with other local supporters @ 1PM to rally before the DRBC meeting. This meeting will be followed by a Public Comment session where five Commissioners, representing PA, NY, NY, DE and the Federal Government, will listen to the public. We'll have about 3 minutes each.

Buses are coming from all around the Watershed! We need your voice!

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