Wednesday, June 16, 2010

URGENT: A Call to Action (and a few Representatives)

On your toes, green commandos! Gas drilling is polluting water supplies all over New York and Pennsylvania and the time to take action is NOW! We need your help to place some calls before noon tomorrow, June 17th. Below are the straight facts, but for more detailed information on these issues, bills, votes, and deadlines, click here.


Call House Speaker Keith McCall (717-787-4610 or 717-783-1375), House Majority Leader Todd Eachus (717-772-0744 or 717-787-2229), and Senate Minority Leader Robert Mellow and urge them to make sure they’re IRRC appointees vote for Chapter 102 and Chapter 95.

Call your PA legistator to express your support for House Bill 2213.

Lastly, call your PA Senator to vote for a Senate bill that mirrors Rep. Greg Vitali’s House Bill 2235.

New Yorkers:

Call Senator Smith, Chairman of the Rules Committee at 518-455-2701 or email Senator Bonacci and ask him to move out of Committee to the Senate floor the Englebright/Addabbo Bill which would impose a 2 year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the extraction of natural gas.

Also call Senate Leadership in support of a moratorium bill this month:

We’re counting on you, commandos, help keep our water clean and environment safe!

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