Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life in the Fast Track

We’re sorry, Jenny and Kristin can’t come to the phone right now, they’re busy in L.A. schmoozing with fancy producers, financiers, and other highfalutin’ Hollywood pros. Please leave a message and they’ll talk to their people who’ll talk to your people, and you’ll do lunch. K bye!

Well, you guessed it. Jenny and Kristin are off to Los Angeles, this time for Fast Track, one of Film Independent's major programs to help indie productions receive funding. The program is highly selective and only seeks the most inventive, original scripts – like ours! Hopefully we can snag this nice little Sloan Grant, get a few seminars under our belt, and after Kristin and Jenny meet some moneybags at the financing conference, the film will be on the Fast Track to production. Corny pun? Maybe a little. But still! It’s exciting! Oh, and while they’re out there, they might as well check out the L.A. Film Festival with their fancy free passes, right? Right.

Stay tuned to catch ‘em tweeting from Tinseltown. Good luck, ladies!

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