Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jennifer MacDonald: Sensual Mom

If it weren’t for Jennifer MacDonald (Chusy’s wife and Perla’s mother), it’s unlikely that the Asheville shoot would have gone as smoothly as it did. Jennifer volunteered to cast and scout locations. And because we knew of her work on ANYWHERE, U.S.A. with a lot of non-actors and last-minute locations, we decided to write some flexibility into the characters and locations we scripted. That way, it would be easy to change based on what Jennifer found for us.

Not only was Jennifer the heart of our connection to Asheville (introducing us to her friends at the Sweet Biscuit B&B, hooking us up with a fantastic caterer) but she also appeared in the short herself as the “sensual mom" (above). She's also one of the smartest people you'll ever meet. Jennifer speaks over four languages and is planning to go to Morocco for intensive study of the Arabic so that she can help women filmmakers in Middle Eastern countries produce and distribute their work.

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Fortune Cookies said...

I'm looking for an old friend of mine, Jennifer MacDonald, that I went to John Overton High School with back in the late 80's early 90's. She went to Univ. of North Carolina at Asheville after graduation. Is this the same one?