Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fort Nassau Graphics

We wanted to give Fort Nassau Graphics a special shout-out today for donating to our cause. Charlie Stanton, Production Planner, did us a huge favor by printing the postcards we've been distributing around Philadelphia to spread the word about the Netflix competition. Fort Nassau prints most of their products on FSC-certified paper, including our postcards, which were also printed on partially-recycled paper. They were incredibly supportive of our cause; Charlie told us that he "would like the Earth to be here when [his] kids are old" and that "everyone in our plant would like to see our children and their children after that have the same type of environment that we grew up in."

Designed by Future Weather Love Brigadier and t-shirt designer e bond, we're hoping that these eye-catching cards will keep generating local support for Future Weather and get people online to vote, bringing us a giant step closer to making our film!

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