Thursday, June 25, 2009

Betty's Tasty Buttons

(image courtesy of Betty's Tasty Buttons)

Betty's Tasty Buttons is a Philadelphia-based confection business dedicated to local, organic, and fair trade ingredients. Liz Begosh, founder of this local favorite, has been using her grandmother Betty's fudge recipe for about 2 years, serving up fudge, chocolate sauces, and other artisanal desserts to Philly locals. About six months ago, Liz moved into a storefront downtown and opened Betty's Speakeasy, which serves up baked goods in addition to selling Betty's Tasty Buttons products.

Liz and her company was kind enough to donate some fudge for a fundraiser we had recently, offering us up little pieces of their Brotherly Love Fudge, similar to what the company often does for wedding and party favors. Betty's Tasty Buttons is no stranger to charitable donations, either; the company will often work to try and find companies who share their goals and values. "We try to find the right fit," Liz told us.

We're glad that Future Weather fit the bill. Thanks for the fudge, Liz!

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