Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Green Behind-the-Scenes

All right, people. We are done with the bugle calls and introductions. We're finished with the obligatory Earth Day ruminations. And we're ready to get down to bidness. Over the next 10 weeks, we'll be asking the questions that need to be answered if we're gonna get this movie locomoting towards sustainability.

I say towards because we are not promising to be saints. (I think we'd have to turn off the computer and just eat air.) I say towards because we won't be able to afford the most sustainable option every time. Compromises will have to be made, but at least we'll be aware of them.

Our project of going green behind-the-scenes will be a work in progress. Each week we'll chronicle a different set of factors relevant to production: recycling, energy, transportation, etc. We'll give you weekly updates on environmental awareness in the film industry, and we'll devote one week to green things happening in the music world.

Sometimes we'll have questions, sometimes we'll have answers. Sometimes we'll call on experts for the answers. By the end, we hope to arrive at a new level of knowledge and a set of choices we all feel good about. So if you have green questions specific to the film industry, or to the business of living in general, please post them here. We'd like The Future Weather Report to become a forum for everyone.

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